Law of Attraction and the Proof You’re Looking For (This is CRAZY)

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So everyone seems to be raving about the Law of Attraction in recent years. With people on either side of the spectrum, people swear it’s real and have been using it to better thier lives while other people (often close minded people afraid of saying or doing things different to the norm) accuse it of being a crazy religion of lunatics.

I’m here to show you that the law of attraction is not lunacy. It has been a part of human society for thousands of years, and the C.I.A’s best kept secret. Here is the proof you’re looking for.

Yes you read that correctly, the C.I.A studied and documented the concept of the law of attraction all the way back in 1983. It was declassified until 2003, 3 years before The Secret or the ‘Law of Attraction’ was released.

Coincidence.. or something else?

You can find the link to the C.I.A declassified document at the end of this article but I urge you to continue listening to what I have to say.

The contents of the study on the law of attraction or ‘patterning’ as it was called, is incredible.

The concept was established officially by Robert Monroe and his ‘Gateway Experience’ Meditation program.

A program that teaches you many wondrous things that the human conscious can do. From healing your physical body to astral projection and shaping your reality around you.

Did you raise an eyebrow at astral projection? Yes it seems you can actually have an outer body experience (OBE), something that people sometimes claim they have when they are near death (near death experience). When your soul leaves your body and can wonder the earth or even the galaxy.

But we’re here to learn about the Law of Attraction or ‘Patterning’. According to Monroe and the C.I.A, when your body is asleep and your mind is awake in a deep meditative state you have much more control of your subconscious mind. Through your subconscious mind you can literally perceive things into existence. Into your reality.

To be able to strongly ‘pattern’ your own life you need to enter a meditative state which Monroe calls ‘Focus 12’. In focus 12 you have a more direct control of your subconscious mind. You can also ask the universe questions for guidance, and it will answer.

Maybe not as direct thought (although it could) but the universe may answer your questions in any possible conceivable manner. Have you ever asked god to send you a sign, and something happened? Well this is like that, but instead of a chance or coincidence something ‘may’ happen.. It does.

You’re wondering how I know this? I know because I have used the Gateway Experience Meditation. Enough to ask my questions and receive answers from the Universe.

Enough to pattern some things into my life. It is an amazing tool to use to overhaul your existence, but it isn’t a genie in a lamp.

It is a big learning experience and with most things in life you must learn, you must grow. Your understanding and power starts small, but the more you use it the more control you will gain.

You have many subconscious blockages and pre-programming set up to control you, to make you believe you aren’t all powerful. Even if you consciously believe 100% in the power of the law of attraction, you have many years of subconscious programming to overcome.

You’re told from a young age that magic isn’t real, that we aren’t all powerful. That ‘science’ and ‘physics’ are the rulers of our reality.

As you slowly break through those subconscious barriers, you create, you attract, you pattern more and more about your life.

The Gateway Experience is something quite amazing and I do recommend you consider trying it out (links below) but it isn’t necessary to take control of the law of attraction. You can change your subconscious thought through meditation and subliminal affirmations.

These guided meditations are an orientation to teach you the basic tools to overhaul your personal meditation practises.

Click Here to learn more about subliminal affirmations.

Here are some great subliminal sessions by Awaken All — Meditation & Subliminals on Youtube

Subliminal Booster 3.0 & Heal your World

Attract Abundance While You Sleep

And here are those links you’ve been waiting for

C.I.A Document on the Gateway Experience

Monroe Institute

A Buddhist monk once told a Monroe Institute facilitator, “It has taken me twenty years to learn what you teach here in a week.”

To summarize, your subconscious mind has amazing limitless power to shape and shift your reality. The Gateway experience is a powerful tool to learn more about your spiritual self and total power, but meditation and subliminal affirmations will also get you results.



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